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New Home, New Year?

Cheers to you on your new home!

Here is a list of tips on keeping your new home great all year long. January is all about getting things in shape for the New Year.


  • Create a maintenance list for monthly chores you want to keep an eye on, such as testing smoke alarms and changing your AC/Furnace Filters.
  • Perform a check up on your refrigerator; clean the coils (2x year) and ensure the door is sealing properly.
  • Clean out closets and drawers – we all have that infamous junk drawer – make January the time to go through and toss out items you aren’t using.


  • Check your cabinets, doorknobs, and drawer handles to ensure they are tight and not loose.
  • De-clutter your closets and dressers; Get organized by making a pile for keep, donate, and toss.
  • Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms if you didn’t do it last month


  • Warmer weather is on it’s way so you can finally start mowing again
  • Rake leaves and debris from your yard and cut back overgrown bushes and shrubs.
  • Check your gutters to ensure they are cleared out
  • Clocks get ready to spring ahead – be ready to check your batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 alarms


  • Dust, dust, and more dust… Open the windows to let in the air, and wipe down all your surfaces.
  • Check all window screens for tears or holes, replace screens if need be.
  • Check your filters and smoke detectors


  • Summer is on it’s way and in Florida making sure your air conditioner is in working order is serious business. Have a technician come out and do any maintenance to have it ready to go
  • Spruce up your gardens and flower beds! It’s planting time for many plants and you can start bringing your potted plants back outside since we should be pass any late freezes.
  • Check your AC filters also to ensure they are clean.


  • Hotter temps are here so make sure you are watering your lawn and gardens regularly. Check with your county for any watering restrictions and set your sprinkler on a timer. Check your sprinkler systems and heads to make sure they are working.
  • Keep an eye on plant overgrowth as during the summer in FL we have lots of afternoon rain/storms, this is also the time when mosquito’s become more problematic. Avoid leaving standing water around, dump out any buckets or leave them upside down to avoid water collection.


  • If you didn’t already get your sprinklers on a timer, or be sure to water early and not in the afternoon when it is the hottest.
  • Ready for an upgrade on your paint? Summer is a great time to paint. Warmer temps help paint dry faster, and you can open your windows to air our the fumes.
  • Keep a check on your AC filter still as it is working even harder now.
  • Don’t forget the smoke detectors!


  • If you are a gardener now is the time to plant your winter veggies.
  • Check windows and doors for any maintenance needed. Do you have a garage? Don’t forget to give it some TLC and make sure the spring is working and the sensors are working.
  • Time to clean those coils again – refrigerator and AC, clean your dryer vent. Keeping all of these things dust free helps alleviate allergy symptoms.


  • Check doors, windows, sockets and plumbing vents for any drafts. You should not see any daylight creeping in around a door, if so, you are losing AC and worse yet your heat in the winter.
  • Clean out those gutters as dirt and debris has likely collected from the summer storms.
  • Weather strip your doors


  • Test your batteries in your smoke detectors
  • If you have a fire extinguisher make sure it is up to date
  • Have you checked your water heater lately? Always a good time to have someone drain the tank.
  • Do you have a fireplace/chimney? Make sure the chimney is cleaned out and working properly.
  • Make an escape plan – if you don’t have one you should make one so everyone knows where to go in the event tragedy strikes.


  • Fall back as the clocks lose an hour for Daylight Savings Time ends.
  • Check batteries in your clocks and smoke detectors, CO2 alarms.
  • In-ground plants need mulch to trap in heat, water thoroughly to the roots before a frost. Do not water before or after a hard freeze
  • Cover plants that don’t like the cold with blankets or tarps, or if potted, bring them inside.
  • Keep fire wood stacks away from your home, otherwise you will be inviting unwanted creepy crawlies into your house.


  • Rake any remaining leaves and mulch
  • Likely you are about to decorate for the holidays, check all lights for broken bulbs, inspect all electrical cords for exposed wires.
  • Don’t forget, change that filter!!!

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